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Love n Wish 2012
Dates of "Love n Wish"
DEC 21 - 25, 2012
5-Night Dance Party
"Love n Wish" Fundraising

City of Milptas Mayor:
Jose Esteves
City of San Jose Councilmember:
Kansen Chu

Dec 21, FRIDAY
"Countdown to the End of World"
"Dancing with the Star"
Dec 23, SUNDAY
"Romancing the Night"
Dec 24, MONDAY
"Dancing with the Angel"
"Happy Christmas"


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Love n Wish 2012 in Post

Milpitas Post Report

About "Love n Wish"

Since 2010, Asian Hustle and Salsa Association (AHSA), a non-profit organization that promotes health and wellness through the art of dancing for all ages, has been organizing a number of successful fundraising events.
This year, AHSA would like to assist children in need in Milpitas, Fremont, Cupertino, San Jose and neigboring cities, victims of Hurricane Sandy, and single parent families struggling to provide for their children.
"Love n Wish" is a 5-day event from December 21 through December 25, 2012.

About AHSA

Registered in the State of California, USA, AHSA is a nonprofit public benefit organization, organized and operated exclusively for the charitable purposes within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

AHSA has the philosophy of "Act locally, think globally." It has offices in Asia as well.

AHSA is non-religious, non-political. Its goal is to foster cross-cultural understanding, cultivate healthful habits and promote healthy lifestyle through social and competitive dancing.

AHSA In The News

AHSA was on ktsf TV Channel 26 for its "Soar to New Heights", February 26, 2011. (Footage from Feb 24).
For more footages, see ktsf TV 26.

AHSA Organized Events

"Hope of Chile / Haiti Now" Disaster Relief Fundraising Charity, March 20, 2010,
Fremont, California, USA.
VIP: C.Y Lee, of Broadway fame.
- Facebook Photos

"Moon Festival" Charity Event,
September 17, 2010,
San Jose, California, USA.
- Photos

"Soar to New Heights" (for Children with Special Needs)
February 26, 2011,
Milpitas Community Center, Milpitas, California, USA.
VIPs: Mayor Jose Esteves; Councilmember Kansen Chu; Councilmember Barry Chang.
- Press Conference Photos
- Fundraising Photos
- Facebook Photos
- Videos

"Hope for the Hungry of Africa"
August 13, 2011,
Bravo Dance Studio, Fremont, California, USA.
VIP: Mayor Jose Esteves.
- Photos
- Facebook Photos

American Cancer Society's
"Annual Donor and Volunteer Recognition Event and Show"
October 30, 2011,
the Albert and Janet Schultz Cultural Arts Hall, Palo Alto, California, USA.
- Photos

"Bravo Dance Competition" (for Seniors and others)
May 19, 2012,
Bravo Dance Studio, Fremont, California, USA.
- Facebook Press Conference @ Aegis Gardens Senior Community
- Photos
- Facebook Photos 1
- Facebook Photos 2
- Facebook Photos 3

"Save the Moon Bear" Fundraising Charity Event
November 3, 2012,
Bravo Dance Studio, Fremont, California, USA.
VIPs: Mayor Jose Esteves; Mayoral Candidate Steve Cho.
- Photos
- Facebook Photos

"Love n Wish" Charity Event
December 21 - 25, 2012,
Bravo Dance Studio, Fremont, California, USA.
VIPs: Mayor Jose Esteves; Councilmember Kasen Chu.
- Milpitas Post Report
- Photos Day1
- Facebook Photos 1
- Photos Day2
- Facebook Photos 2
- Photos Day3
- Facebook Photos 3
- Photos Day4
- Facebook Photos 4
- Photos Day5
- Facebook Photos 5
- Photos Day6
- Facebook Photos 6



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