Photos of "Honor and Celebration Party", April 10, 2011.
Photos of "Celebration and Formation Party of OCASF", April 3, 2011.
Photos of "IHSC 2011 Dance Competition", March 31 - April 3, 2011.
Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Press Conference, February 24, 2011.
Photos of "Soar to New Heights" Gala Show and Dance Party, February 26, 2011.
Photos of Visit to Friends of Children with Special Needs, March 23, 2011.


Photos and Videos
Participation of
Bravo Dance Studio
Part of
Asian Hustle and Salsa Association
International Hustle and Salsa Competition
March 31st - April 3rd, 2011
Orlando Marriott World Center Resort
Orlando, Florida

Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center
8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821

Day 1,
March 30, 2011.

En route to Orlando, stopping over in Houston.
Breakfast at ~6:00am.
The Bravo party started the journey on a red-eye from San Francisco International Airport, 12:25 am, March 30,2011.

Barely touched down at Orlando International Airport (~10:55am).
While waiting for an Avis Budget van, this "good luck" insect comes to welcome the party.

In the background, James C. is talking to Avis Budget to try to get a vehicle spacious enough to accommodate 8 people. The sleep-deprived party is waiting in the heat and humidity.

Compliments of James C. and Avis Budget, this is the van that takes the party to the Orlando Marriott World Center.

Still trying to acclimatize to the heat and humidity, the Bravo party "discovers" water in the lobby of the hotel.
The water could have come from the fabled "fountain of youth" associated with Ponce de Leon.

In line for check-in.

What a relief. Finally the party gets to get to their room for a much needed rest... (~1:00pm).

After a much-needed rest, part of the Bravo party meets the host of IHSC 2011, Billy F., in front of the grand ballroom. (~6:00pm).
(l to r) James C., Jane H., Molly S., Carmelita C., Noemi C., and Billy F.

Now the whole Bravo party is together, in front of the grand ballroom.
The party is already making new friends.
(l to r) Dr. HW C., Kay T., Molly S., John M. (of New Jersey is a regular participant at IHSC), Noemi C., Carmelita C., Jane H., and James C. (Hal L. is taking the photo).

The Bravo party decides to have a little adventure. After asking around, they find out that there is a Walmart a short distance away from the hotel.
Hard to tell if it is the rain, or bad directions, the Bravo party ends up in this place, Wolfgang Puck (in the West Side Theme Park), after driving for almost an hour, and after driving through the gate of Epcot Center!

This failure to get to the Walmart is quite costly: 1 half-foot pizza for ~$16, 8 California rolls (yes, California rolls, NOT Floridan rolls) for about the same prize. Anything tastes good when the stomach is empty.

"I just had five sushi Californian rolls in a German restaurant in Florida."

Back in the hotel (~11:30pm). Late in Florida, but still relatively early in California, the Bravo party is taking some "winning tips" from Wingo H., a professional who will be competing with his students.

Jame C. and Carmelita C. are practicing and checking out the dancefloor.

On the way to return to their rooms, the Bravo party meets a co-host of IHSC2011, Katie M.
(l to r) Molly S., Katie M., Jane H., James C., Carmelita C., and Noemi C.

(l to r) Hal L., Carmelita C., James C., Katie M., Noemi C, and Jane H.

Day 2,
March 31, 2011.

Still quite early (~9:30am), but Noemi is already ready for her competitions.

So is Molly.
Noemi and Molly will be competing in the pro-ams smooth dances (this morning) with Hal as the pro.

Hal introduces the 9-time world Hustle champion, LoriAnn G. and her student, John M. to Molly and Noemi.

Beautiful attire.
(l to r) Noemi C., Joan B., Brian W, and Molly S.
Joan and Brian compete at US Open as well.

Now Hal L.'s turn to be among these beautifully-attired contestants.

The competition dance floor. The judges are getting ready.

Several couples are competing.

Several couples line up for their heat.

The Bravo competitors are anxiously waiting for their heats.
Kay and HW, though not competing, are with the Bravo party always.

Hal steals a moment to have a photo with LoriAnn G., a 9-time World Hustle champion, and a Blackpool competitor.

Hal with LoriAnn and Kevin R. LoriAnn and Kevin are 9-time world Hustle champion couple.

Dr. HW with Kevin and LoriAnn. Kevin is one of the judges in these morning heats.

Molly, Hal, and Noemi with the MC of the morning heats.

The youngest couple in the morning heats, Gary S., and Jenalyn P.

Wingo and Molly.

Hal and Shay Dixon and his fiancee, Anjeza D.
Shay is 2009 World Hustle champion.

Carmelita, Shay and Anjeza.

The Bravo competitors of the morning pro-am heats.
(l to r) Carmelita (pro), James (am), Jane (am), Noemi (am) Hal (pro), and Molly (am).

How did this guy get into the photo? Brian has contested at US Open, not in tennis, but in dancesports.

The Bravo party of 8:
(l to r) Carmelita, James, Jane, Kay, Noemi, Hal, HW, and Molly.
Kay and HW are not competing, but they are always around to support the Bravo party.

Hal says "hi" to Angelina P. after all the morning smooth dance competitions.
Angel from New York City is a regular at IHSC.

Daniel M. and Billy F. Danny is president of International Hustle Dance Association (IHDA); Billy is one of the co-hosts of IHSC2011.

Hal and Daniel M.

James receiving one of the prizes in the pro-am competitions.

The winners: Jane, Molly, James and Molly.

And now with their pros in the pro-am competitions.
"pro" stands for "professional", and "am" for "amateurs". Pro-ams are essentially students dancing with their instructors.

At the IHDA Meet and Greet (5:30pm): Raye A. (of Hustle and Salsa Houston), Daniel M., and Irene G (also of Houston).

Carmelita and "Disco" Dave having fun at the "Meet and Greet".

Carmelita, Irene, and Raye.

IHDA "Meet and Greet" dance class.

The line leading to the "Headliner Show" (8:30pm) by US 9-dance champions Peter and Alexandria Perzhu, 9-time world Hustle champions Kevin Roche and LoriAnn Greenhouse, Tito Ortos and Tamara Livolsi, and Steven White and Sabrina Paxman.

The Bravo Dance Studio table at the Headliner Show.

General dancing just before the show. Micheal H. and Carmelita.

HW and Kay.

One of the co-hosts of IHSC2011, Katie M. is greeting every table. Here she is at the Bravo Dance Studio table.

The Bravo table at the Headliner Show.

Michael is dancing with everybody at the table. Here with Noemi.

With Carmelita.

With Kay.

One of the shows in the Headliner Show.

Carmelita, Daniel M., and HW, meet after the Headliner Show - a meeting of IHDA and AHSA.

A friend from Los Angeles, Marilyn B.
(l to r) Kay T., Dr. HW C., Marilyn B., James C., Noemi C., Molly S., and Jane H.
Marilyn is from the dance group at the LA Haceinda Hotel.

And of course dresses..., while the men are waiting, "patiently".

Day 3,
April 1, 2011.

The busiest day of the 4-day competitions. This is a day of Hustle, Salsa, and West Coast Swing heats.
Contestants are warming up.

So are James and Carmelita of Bravo Dance, warming up for their pro-am heats.

The Bravo table in the competition ballroom.

Anxious and waiting for the heats to begin.
On this day, only James C., Jane H., Carmelita C., and Hal L. will be competing, yet all Bravo people show up to support, share the excitement, joy (most of the time), disappointment (some of the time).
This is the stuff Bravo people are made of - one cohesive unit.

Other contestants are as anxious, but no less friendly.
Dancers and dancesports competitors are happy people. They make friends and new friends wherever they go, through bouncing into each other along walkways, or competing against each other on the dance floor!
The better on that day prevails and wins.

A video of general dancing just before the competitions.

The huge competition ballroom. This is one of the two larger ones. There are two smaller ones as well for concurrent workshop sessions.

Kay and HW, though not competing, are also enoying.
They are always with the Bravo contestants.

One of the heats, a Jack n Jill.

Another heat, a pro-am Jack n Jill.
A Jack n Jill (Jack being the man, or leader; and Jill is the woman, or follower) is a contest in which the leader and follower are randomly assigned. Best leader and follower normally prevails.
As with some of the cases, the Jack can be a woman as well, and the Jill can be a man.
Another type of contest, called "bookend", is man dancing with man, and woman dancing with woman, that is Jack n Jack, and Jill n Jill.

A video of the am-am advanced Jack n Jill competition.
First song.

A video of the am-am advanced Jack n Jill competition.
Second song.

A video of the pro-am Jack n Jill competition.

It is already way past midnight. The Copa Night - "Salsa dance til you drop", deejayed by world renowned Salsa deejay Henry Knowles, is still going strong.
In an adjoining large ballroom, West Coast Swing dance party is going on concurrently, hosted by Marc Traynor of Floor Play, and deejayed by Victor Loviera.
Hal is in the Copa Night ballroom to enjoy the professional shows by pros from New York, Montreal, and the Caribbeans.

One of the professional shows, by the famed Nelson Flores and his partner.
Both the Copa Night and West Coast Swing are well attended.

A video of a professional performance at the Copa Night.

Day 4,
April 2, 2011.

Carmelita and Hal take the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best.
A private instruction from the 9-time world Hustle champion, Kevin R. (~11:00am).

Doing the star - Kevin is showing Carmelita and Hal how to do the star.

And Samba turns.

Just before the award ceremony, a surprise visit by the "Voice of Hustle", Deborah H.
Deborah, originally a New Yorker, was one of the first to bring Hustle to California.
She is still instructing at the LA Hacienda Hotel by the Los Angeles Airport.

(l to r) Jane H., Carmelita C., James C., Deborah H., Kay T., HW C., Noemi C. (Hal is the photographer).

And now James got an award (first place) from Deborah H.

The winner circle: James (amateur), Carmelita (professional) and Hal (professional).
James: 1st Newcomer West Coast Swing; 2nd Novice Hustle, with Carmelita as pro in pro-am.
Carmelita and Hal: Champions, pro-Rising Star; 3rd place, pro-Cabaret.

Bravo Dance Studio contestants of the day: Carmelita, James, Jane and Hal.

Bravo Dance Studio contestants at IHSC2011: Carmelita, James, Jane, Molly, Noemi, and Hal.

Bravo Dance Studio participants at IHSC2011: Carmelita, James, Jane, Molly, Kay, Noemi, and HW (Hal is taking the photo).
All Bravo people always show up together, competing or not, to cheer fellow friends on, share the excitement, joy, disappointment.

Awards won by Bravo Dance Studio:

2011 Professional Rising Star Hustle Championships Champions
(Carmelita C. and Hal L.)

Professional Cabaret, 3rd place
(Carmelita C. and Hal L.)

11 Pro-Am 1st places
(Noemi C., James C., Jane H., Molly S.)

5 Pro-Am 2nd places
(Noemi C., James C., Jane H., Molly S.)

In the evening (8:00pm) to enjoy the Professional Hustle Championships, and the Dance Dimension Show.
The Bravo Dance Studio table, everyone is dressed to the teeth.

The Bravo table, with two new friends, Christina and Joanna.

Carmelita and Noemi.

The Bravo Eight: Dr. HW, Kay, Molly, Carmelita, Noemi, Jane, James, (Hal is taking the photo).

Now with Hal in the photo.

HW and Kay, though not competing, truly supporting everyone all the way.

Carmelita and Noemi, during a general dancing before the Professional World Hustle Championships.

Carmelita and Molly.

James and Noemi.

And all the beautiful dance attire on the dance floor.

Carmelita and Angelina P., from New York.

After the Dance Dimension Show, there are still a lot of activities going on.
Several concurrent sessions are going on: West Coast Swing hosted by Marc Traynor (Floor Play), All Night Salsa Party hosted by Mike Barbieri (Salsa Heat), and All Night Hustle (deejayed by Henry Knowles).
This is the All Night Hustle Party.
It is way past Noemi's bed time, but she is still having fun. (~12:30am)

Watch NOT the beautiful people on the dancefloor, but the video screen in the background.
The video is showing the "Hang On In There Baby" performance by Carmelita and Hal (IHSC 2008), when Carmelita and Hal were placed second in the Amateur World Hustle Championships, beating the reigning champion couple, but succumbing to a veteran couple.

Here is a closer look at the video.
Three merciless years can take a lot of toll on the look, and change the external appearance - receding hairline, and bulging girdle.

Day 5,
April 3, 2011.

4:00am in the morning. Thanks to Avis Budget and James, this van is taking the Bravo Dance Studio party to the Orlando International Airport.

At the airport.

And the "chartered" flight. See you later, alligator!


The Bravo Dance Studio party arrives in the San Francisco Bay Area just in time for performances at
The Formation and Celebration Party of
The Overseas Chinese San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
The Chinese Cultural Center, Sunnyvale, California.

Again the whole group is there, even though only four of them will be performing, yet another indication of the unity of the Bravo people.

Photos of "Celebration and Formation Party of OCASF", April 3, 2011.

Participants have agreed to the policies of Bravo Dance Studio, including Participants agreeing to allow use of any image, which may be captured through video, photo, digital cameras or other media devices, for Dance Studios own use such as promotional materials and publications.

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